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Occupational Therapy

Ergonomic Assessment

From simple office workstation changes to larger scale work process modification, our Occupational Therapists can help fit the job to the worker.  The Occupational Therapist will identify risk factors and provide a detailed report including recommendations to correct or reduce them.


Transferable Skills Assessment

A Transferable Skills Assessment (TSA) compares an individual's educational background, level of training, and previous work experience.   Often administered in conjunction with a Vocational Assessment a TSA will assist in providing a logical opinion on what work is most suitable for an individual.


Vocational Assessment

A Vocational Assessment (VA) takes into consideration all of the factors that influence an individual's transition from one job to another.  Following a thorough review of medical history, information from a Transferable Skills Assessment (if available) and a number of relevant tests (eg: learning skills, interests, problem-solving ability, etc.) a VA will provide recommendations for appropriate alternative work.


Seniors' Home Assessment

A Seniors' Home Assessment will help identify risks to safety and independence in an individual's home. The purpose of a Seniors' Home Assessment is to develop a realistic plan to reduce risks, promote safety and independence.  Once a plan is established,  implementation of strategies to reduce risk (eg: raised toilet seat, enhanced lighting, wheelchair ramps, use of assistive devices) are managed to ensure maximum independence can be achieved.


Assistive Devices

An Assistive Device is a product or tool designed to assist with tasks and promote independent function. These devices can help make everyday life a little bit easier and help you to maintain your independence. Our Occupational Therapists can customize or provide recommendations for Assistive Devices that will help maximize function.

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